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5 Mar 2017

Tim (not his real name) routinely spends some of his free time prowling the web for exotic security tools and exploits. Shortly, he stumbled upon a new exploit that was circulating within an underground forum. It pertains to a standard security produ...

28 Feb 2017

Some of the common questions, following up from my previous article, was “How can I efficiently scale my simulated phishing operation up?” or “Is there an easier way? i.e. via a graphical user interface (GUI).” And the answer to both questions is: Ye...

8 Dec 2016

After a recent simulated phishing exercise, we received a number of questions on how the emails were sent and how my team managed to craft such realistic looking phishing emails.

Most were convinced that the team consisted of technical wizards but thi...

9 Feb 2013

A couple of months back, I walked past a friend who was working furiously on her laptop. It was her red BackTrack wallpaper that caught my attention. Being curious, I proceeded to ask her opinion on BackTrack 5 as I have yet to get my hands on those....

26 Dec 2012

It's boxing day, the Christmas holiday on the 25th has just ended. I logged into my online banking portal, glanced at my balance and knew that I would have to postpone my vacation till the end of next year.

Besides realising what little I have, I also...

25 Dec 2012

Evolution of Online Security Tokens

When I received my new token from DBS I thought, “This is almost as thin as my credit card”. Today my credit card can also be my security token.

The guys from NagraID have made it possible to integrate both security...

2 Oct 2012

GovWare was not quite the same this year ...

But, the usual discussion on Advance Persistent Threat (APT) ran its course. Not only is it in fashion with “flame” and “Stuxnet” making headlines, it is also something to fear especially when large amount...

19 Aug 2012

Alright, here is the review of the WiFi pineapple. Because there are simply too many awesome avenues to explore on the WiFi Pineapple I will touch on just three items (Sorry folks!). But before I jump into the three topics here are some pics and the...

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September 5, 2017

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