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17 Aug 2017

"Who did it?" is a fairly common question to hear as soon as things calm down and there is time to think again. Hasty conclusions would only lead to massive collateral damage, yet sometimes the urgency to punish and restore order is so pressing, that...

8 May 2017

The early days in the cyberspace used to be rather safe when compared to the increasingly hostile worldwide wild west, where various hostile governments, criminals, advertisers, and intelligence (or not so intelligence agencies) can inject stuff onto...

18 Feb 2017

Really simple things can be hugely influential and famous. Like SQL injection, buffer overflow and other classic types of software vulnerabilities — The grand old man of cyberspace remains useful year after year. State sponsored actors, even governme...

16 Jul 2016

While the search engine giants did join forces under national interests, it did face more and more difficult and largely unsolved questions regarding relationships between legacy national governments, as diverse as they are, and supranational organis...

21 May 2016

In the world of cyber, and in the scope of imposed concept of security, two mundane vulnerabilities have been looming around for years. Nobody seemed to care much about them, partly because many parties actually did benefit of having them available,...

5 Feb 2016

One of the most thrilling developments in the privacy and security world is the ongoing drafting of the UK Investigatory Bill. That will regulate much of what the authorities are allowed to do when it comes to the crime and national security. The iss...

5 Feb 2016

Under the umbrella of Cybersecurity it has become more and more common and accepted to discuss about national security and indeed push forward the concept of nationalism. Research around the globe is moving the attention towards state security, highl...

14 Dec 2015

Public spaces are dangerous, are they not? At least many cyber training programmes declare that coffee shops are the most dangerous, when it comes to the online security. If not considering many other real-life dangers a public space like a coffee sh...

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September 5, 2017

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