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1 Mar 2014

Security researchers at the University of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science have developed a proof-of-concept malware – dubbed Chameleon – that is capable of propagating across Wi-Fi networks with the same...

17 Feb 2014

I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been into cryptocurrency for more than a year. I’m largely involved in Bitcoin and Litecoin community by helping victims in the tracing of scammers and retrieving their coins back. Hence, there are quite a few...

1. Introduction to Dionaea

Dionaea “the Nepenthes successor” is a malware capturing honeypot initially developed under The Honeynet Project's 2009 Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Dionaea aims to trap malware exploiting vulnerabilities exposed by service...

3 Dec 2013

Covert channel are used to transfer information between processes that aren't allowed to communicate as define by computer security policy. Information transmitted in such form are often not transmitted through legitimate transfer mechanism.

A recent...

26 May 2013

In this video,  Mark Russinovich demonstrates how you can find and remove malware (e.g. Stuxnet and Flame) using Sysinternals tools.

Some of tools he used include Process Explorer (a.k.a. super task manager), Process Monitor, AutoRuns, etc.

28 May 2012

In the recent variant of Zeus Botnet, a ransomware feature was added.  So, what exactly is ransomware?

Well, ransomware is a unique class of malware. It's main purpose is to extort money by restricting access to victim's computer. The restriction will...

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September 5, 2017

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