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28 Feb 2017

Some of the common questions, following up from my previous article, was “How can I efficiently scale my simulated phishing operation up?” or “Is there an easier way? i.e. via a graphical user interface (GUI).” And the answer to both questions is: Ye...

8 Dec 2016

After a recent simulated phishing exercise, we received a number of questions on how the emails were sent and how my team managed to craft such realistic looking phishing emails.

Most were convinced that the team consisted of technical wizards but thi...

On Phishing

An individual’s lack of awareness and ability to identify social engineering attacks can lead to a security breach or financial loss.  Hence, the human is often regarded as the weakest link when it pertains to information security. Increas...

20 Apr 2014

For someone who gives cybersecurity awareness talks regularly - telling people to think twice before clicking on any links on the Internet - you won’t expect him/her to fall into simple clickbait scams do you? Well … I did. Trusting my sister’s boyfr...

26 Feb 2014

Hello Facebook!

My name is Kevin M. James. I am the manager of the BMW Marketing Group and I own 12 BMW’s. This is one of them, a brand new X6.

Guess what? I will donate this X6 to one of you. All you need to do is to like my fanpage and share this pos...

28 May 2012

In the recent variant of Zeus Botnet, a ransomware feature was added.  So, what exactly is ransomware?

Well, ransomware is a unique class of malware. It's main purpose is to extort money by restricting access to victim's computer. The restriction will...

3 Mar 2011

Just because you are an ordinary employee in a company does not make you “invulnerable” to social engineering attacks. Whatever information that you have on the company that you deem to be of no value might be viewed differently by a criminal.

Take fo...

17 Feb 2011


"We evaluate website authentication measures that are designed to protect users from man-in-the-middle, ‘phishing’, and other site forgery attacks. We asked 67 bank customers to conduct common online banking tasks. Each time they logged in, w...

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September 5, 2017

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