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18 Oct 2017

I'd like to highlight some things about the KRACK attack. Regarding the ST article "Security Flaw Prompts Fears on Wi-Fi Connections" (http://www.straitstimes.com/world/security-flaw-prompts-fears-on-wi-fi-connections), it is important to highlight s...

17 Sep 2015

While this is not strictly a security-related snippet, it might still be interesting curiosity for someone working on that field and having to deal with a hostile or just mad Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) which just keeps on dropping the connection.

In this...

1 Mar 2014

Security researchers at the University of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science have developed a proof-of-concept malware – dubbed Chameleon – that is capable of propagating across Wi-Fi networks with the same...

30 Aug 2012

WPA or WPA2 security protocol can be used to prevent hackers and other unauthorised people from accessing wireless networks or even viewing traffic sent over them, but only when end users choose strong passwords.

WPA and WPA2 use an extremely robust p...

19 Aug 2012

Alright, here is the review of the WiFi pineapple. Because there are simply too many awesome avenues to explore on the WiFi Pineapple I will touch on just three items (Sorry folks!). But before I jump into the three topics here are some pics and the...

18 Nov 2011

John the Ripper (JTR) is an extraordinary tool that is useful for cracking passwords. First we must understand that using a word list is one of the ways to crack a WPA protected router. Rainbow tables can also be used however for today, we shall focu...

16 Jul 2011

I came across this Firesheep article while I reading Crypto-Gram published on 15th July 2011 and thought that this was really interesting. The point to highlight in this article here is not the “Firesheep” tool per se,   but the authors’ observations...

14 Jul 2011

A Minnesota hacker prosecutors described as a “depraved criminal” was handed an 18-year prison term Tuesday for unleashing a vendetta of cyberterror that turned his neighbors’ lives into a living nightmare.

Barry Ardolf, 46, repeatedly hacked into his...

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September 5, 2017

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