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Related Links by Facebook: A Security Feature?

20 Apr 2014

For someone who gives cybersecurity awareness talks regularly - telling people to think twice before clicking on any links on the Internet - you won’t expect him/her to fall into simple clickbait scams do you? Well … I did. Trusting my sister’s boyfriend, I clicked on a link titled “[Shocking VIDEO] A giant Anaconda swallows Up a Nigga Zookeeper in South Africa” on Facebook.

 Before anything else happened, my antivirus blocked my access to the website. Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I observed something quite interesting. The related links to that particular link pointed it out that it’s a Facebook scam.


Lesson learned
  • Cybercrooks are always out there to get you by leveraging on your trust.

  • Think twice and verify the link before you click on it.










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