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"Demystifying the Wizardry – Cybersecurity for your business and you" by Emil Tan @ NTUitive MakanNight!

28 Oct 2016


On 28th October 2016, Edgis' Outreach & Awareness lead conducted a cybersecurity 101 session to many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, explaining how they can design cybersecurity into their business model.

NTUitive MakanNight! is an event to network and connect with like-minded individuals that can help your business take off.



Cybersecurity is not about highly-skilled computer wizards defending and fighting against the evil dark lords in cyberspace. This talk aims to demystify the wizardry cybersecurity speak by discussing cybersecurity in a realistic context. Tips and quick-wins will also be shared with the audience so they can start exercising and designing cybersecurity practice in their business and daily life.

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September 5, 2017

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