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"Security for Web Developers" by Sunny Neo @ NTU, Computer Engineering Club

23 Jan 2017

On 23rd Jan 2017, Edgis community member Sunny Neo conducted a cybersecurity awareness talk on the importance of secure web development to many aspiring web developers at NTU .


Interested in knowing more about web security? Are you curious to see live hacking demo? Explore it with Sunny Neo, a NTU alumnus who's currently working at BT Security.


Sunny will bring explore techniques used by hackers that's rarely found in textbooks. He will also highlight what web developers can do to build secure web applications.


In this talk, Sunny will be bringing the topic on web security to the attention of all web developers out there. Seeing is definitely believing! As such, in this workshop, Sunny will not bore you down with too much theoretical details that you can learn from textbooks. Not only will he be demonstrating very real techniques used by malicious actors/hackers (whatever you known them as). Sunny will also be highlighting what web developers can do to build better secured web applications altogether.


About the Speaker

Sunny Neo is a Penetration Tester with BT Security, Ethical Hacking Centre of Excellence, a global team that performs security testing for various industries. Besides his day job, he teaches Ethical Hacking at Temasek Polytechnic as an Adjunct Lecturer, and is one of the few CREST Assessors in Singapore who invigilates, administers and developers the CREST examinations. In his free time, he participates in local information security communities such as Edgis, OWASP Singapore and Null Singapore Meetup Group.

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