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Save the World & Get the Girl

7 Aug 2013

Javvad Malik – named the “Most Entertaining Blogger” and “Best Video Blogger” at the European Blogger Awards 2013 – presented “How Embracing Social Media Helped Me Stop the Hackers, Save the World and Get the Girl” at BSides Las Vegas last week.


It’s pretty much a career development talk, especially for security enthusiasts like us, sharing some tips on how to go from a faceless security dude, to a slightly less faceless security dude.


I used to be a security professional, but even my boss didn’t remember my name. My brilliant ideas weren’t listened to, I was never invited to speak at conferences and not even my mother visited my blog. In this talk, I will take you down a journey of self-discovery that took me 3 years and went from another faceless security dude, to being slightly less faceless. What worked, what didn’t work and all the behind-the-curtain magic exposed. If you’re interested in carving out your space, making your voice heard amongst the 100% of security rockstars’ and dinosaurs who get all the attention – this is the talk for you.


About Javvad Mailk

Javvad Malik is a Senior Analyst in the 451 Enterprise Security Practice, providing in-depth, timely perspective on the state of enterprise security and emerging trends. Javvad is an active blogger and video blogger who was named, “The Most Entertaining Blogger” at RSA Social Awards 2013, and winning “The Most Entertaining Blogger” and “Best Video Blogger” awards at the European Blogger Awards 2013.

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