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What Facebook Knows About You?

13 Jul 2013

The stuff you provide them:
  • Name

  • City of birth

  • City of residence

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Current employment

  • Previous employment

  • Relationship

  • Anniversary

  • Previous relationships

  • Previous names (aliases)

  • Screen names

  • Address book

  • Family members

  • Birthday

  • Religious views

  • Address

  • Website

  • Email address(s)

  • Sexual preference

  • Gender

  • Languages spoken

  • Political views

  • Friends

  • Books you’ve read

  • Videos you’ve watched

  • Comments you’ve liked

  • Websites you’ve visited

  • Articles and websites you’ve commented on

  • Surveys you’ve filled out

  • Companies you like

  • People you’ve been tagged with

  • People you frequently hang out with

  • Friends you’ve requested

  • Friends you denied

  • Friends you’ve un-friended

  • How often you are online

  • Apps you Admin/created

  • Pages you admin/created

  • Your current mood

  • Device you’ve accessed the Internet from

  • Exact Geo-location (longitude, altitude, latitude, time/date stamp)

  • TV, Film, Concert you are currently watching

  • Bands you like

  • Movies you’ve seen

  • TV Shows you watch

  • Video games you play

  • Food you eat

  • Your Favorite Athletes

  • Restaurants you’ve eaten at

  • Activities you participate in

  • Websites you visit

  • Sports teams you support

  • Your Favorite Sports

  • Inspirational people

  • Favorite Clothing brands

  • Places you’ve visited

  • Events you’ve attended

  • Events you plan on attending

  • Events your friends are attending

  • Major life events (location, dates, who with)

  • Photos

  • Pokes

  • Wall posts

  • Private (haha yeah right) messages

  • Groups you’ve joined

  • Networks you are a part of

  • Book or publication you are currently reading

  • Audio you are currently listening too

  • Drink you are currently drinking

  • Food you are currently eating

  • Activities you participate in

  • Advertising you interact with

  • Profiles you interact with most

  • Locations you access Facebook

  • Locations you access web properties connected to Facebook

  • Level of online engagement

  • When you changed jobs

  • How long you stayed in a job

  • Credit card details

  • IP Address

  • Apps you’ve downloaded

  • Games you’ve played

  • Pages/Businesses you’ve un-liked (when)

How Can Anyone Sort Through All These Information? Graph Search!

How you can find out (almost) everything Facebook has on you?

  1. Go to your General Account Settings.

  2. Click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click on "Download Archive," and you will receive an email containing a link to a ZIP file of your Facebook data.

  4. Open up "index.html" and have a look through.

If you're not paying for a product, you probably are the product.

SourceWhat does Facebook know about you – An analysis, Daylan Pearce. Jul 08, 13.

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