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“On the Other Side of WiFi Networks” by Sayed Hamzah @ NTU, Open Source Society

18 Feb 2016

On 19th February 2016, Edgis' community member Sayed Hamzah presented about the dangers of connecting to unknown Wi-Fi to members of NTU's Open Source Society (OSS). 


Wi-Fi networks have been a source of convenience for users to get connected to the Internet, to the extent that many would join any wireless networks available. However, what end users do not know is the legitimacy of the wireless network, which majority of end users do tend to ignore. Numerous security professionals have warned end users about the dangers of entering untrusted and insecure networks, but end users still do not seem to understand the implications behind it. This talk will allow you to have a further understanding on why accessing such networks might endanger not only the end user, but also those we are connected to the end user digitally.


After the talk, there will also be an exciting Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition whereby you will be able to go through a series of challenges ranging from web exploitation to forensics, to obtain flags! More details will be given during the talk. There is no setup required for the workshop, just bring your laptop!

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