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Div0 runs and supports various cybersecurity awareness events, activities and initiatives to achieve its mission to promote safer cyberspace. 

Div0's cybersecurity awareness outreach aims to promote and enhance cybersecurity awareness and adoption of essential cybersecurity practices. 


  • Develop cybersecurity awareness content and materials; and 

  • Execute and support cybersecurity awareness events, activities and initiatives e.g. talks, seminars, workshops, competitions and roadshows.

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A Made-In-Singapore social enterprise initiative to gamify cybersecurity awareness.

The protagonist of the game is a robot named _Dennis. The player's mission is to solve a series of mini-challenges in order to keep _Dennis alive. The challenges progressively become more difficult as the player progresses. Each mini-challenge contains a simple message to help the player cultivate good personal cybersecurity habits. 

Everyone deserves a fun and engaging cybersecurity learning experience on his or her mobile. 



The aim of the Cybersecurity Awareness Alliance is to:
(1) Build a positive culture of cybersecurity in Singapore, where cybersecurity becomes 2nd-nature for all infocomm users; and 
(2) Promote and enhance awareness and adoption of essential cybersecurity practices for both the private and public sectors.

Div0 is one of the core members of the Cybersecurity Awareness Alliance. The Alliance comprises representatives from the government, private enterprises, trade associations, and non-profit organisations. As a collaborative body, the Alliance amalgamates efforts from its members by bringing together different strengths and resources.  

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