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  • To connect enthusiasts in the intersection of AI and cybersecurity 

  • To empower cybersecurity practitioners with AI awareness and knowledge 

  • To discuss use cases and topics on solving cybersecurity problems with AI

  • To discuss and share about adversarial attacks on AI and their countermeasures


​A vibrant learning and sharing AI-Cybersecurity community with strong expertise and innovative professionals and technology leaders. 

AI Security Quarter (AISQ): Text

Cybersecurity and AI are both critically important technologies for the digital future. Attackers are using more automation and AI to help them probe and attack systems. In addition, adversarial attacks on native AI systems are becoming a bigger concern. Hence, it is imperative to help cybersecurity specialists build up their AI awareness and knowledge so that they can incorporate more automation and intelligent AI systems to counter attackers, and provide advisories on securing AI systems.

AI Security Quarter (AISQ): Text
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