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  • To provide a community space to support startups and small businesses with their cybersecurity challenges; and 

  • To provide a platform to grow cybersecurity innovation and startups in Singapore.

WHY (For the Startup Community)

  • Tech startups and spin-offs in applications, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and deep-tech need to consider cybersecurity for their products and services. 

  • The Startup Quarter provides opportunities to connect to trusted cybersecurity practitioners from the Div0 community. 

WHY (For Div0)

  • Connect Div0 to startup problem space. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of business needs. 

  • Test out (new and innovative) cybersecurity ideas. 

  • Explore members' own startup or freelance business. 


  • Tech Founder Meetups

  • Hackerspace


We use Div0's Meetup platform to facilitate our events and membership: 

  • Membership; 

  • Events Announcement; 

  • Mailing List; etc.

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