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3rd Day of Christmas: Hash Identification

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Div0 gave to me ... Hash Identification, Password Mutation Using JTR, and Custom Word List Generator (CeWL).


It is useful to identify the type of hash algorithm for a certain digest. It can help in password cracking by reducing the search space. In Kali, hash-identifier can predict the hash algorithm used to derive a certain digest.

You just need to input the digest, and hash-identifier will attempt to guess the hash algorithm used. It will then provide a list of the possible hash algorithms and the least possible hash algorithms.

Our Use Case

  • Original text: edgis

  • CRC32 Digest: 131f42b9

  • MD5 Digest: e362e35b7efc8910054871b0a8edb007

  • SHA-1 Digest: b58cba8c669711d9bb979eae8eaa8c7e255e58b5

  • SHA-256 Digest: c826002aac59efc150b847125b08adb790f3182408a241f99529144b48671bdf

  • Tiger Digest: d9c78330bce66fe05c0540f79cb6c6ac435c1e7bbb4351e0


Shared by Tan Jun Hao.

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