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Take 75% Off Drone Security Training

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Dronesec is offering the Division Zero (Div0) community an unprecedented and generous promotion of a 75% discount on their Drone Security Training — as a special collaboration and outreach to all drone enthusiasts in the Div0 community.

This discount is only valid until 31 Mar 2021 — interested parties can apply the promo code DIV075OFF.

From Beginner to Advanced, the Complete Drone Security Bundle Couse Comes with:

  1. Over 8 hours of self-paced video content

  2. Over 15 unique resources for deeper reading and exploration into Drone Security

  3. Free digital certification through YourAcclaim (

  4. Access to the Notify Private Newsletter Subscription (valued at $99 per year)

  5. Access to use the Notify UAV Threat Intelligence Platform ( during your training

  6. Join the DroneSec Slack Community

For more information, visit

Students' Testimonial

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