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The Future of Community

Everything seems abnormal. No, everything is abnormal. Amid this global crisis, there are silver linings especially in the department of "I'm finally able to do X". We see social media posts of people spending more time with their family, training to be gourmet cooks, and dusting off their good ol' pro gamers headsets.

Amongst the Div0 Crew, we have been conducting regular (virtual) meetings discussing how we can continue to engage and enrich our community. Div0 has been a (physical) meetup-heavy community. But it has been more than 3 months since our last meetup. And this just won't do. In response, we have been rearchitecting our digital platforms and activities so our community will flourish as well or even better in time like this.

Pardon our tardiness the past months. That is because we do not want to introduce patchwork measures just to get through this period. Any new or revised digital infrastructure or platforms we set up, we want it to augment the Div0 community during this abnormal time and beyond.

  1. We have redesigned our website (finally). Although there are still quite a bit of touching up to do.

  2. We will be producing more digital content.

  3. We are going to relook into our social media platforms.

  4. We will be announcing a new Div0 Digital Kampung which will be used to host virtual meetups and encourage digital interactions — to be announced this weekend.

  5. We have been meeting our Quarters and developing-Quarters to discuss how our Quarters structure can continue to engage the community on our new platforms.

This crisis has forced many enterprises to rethink their business model, mayors to redesign their city, and schools to revise their curriculum — a catalyst for everyone to revise traditions and truly embrace the new digital age. And so is Div0, rethinking, redesigning and revising how we take charge in promoting a vibrant cybersecurity community and safer cyberspace.

We've never shown fear of the future at WIRED. Times of great change, of apparent chaos, are just punctuation—the end of one paragraph and the beginning of a new one. Our stories, our design, even our vocabulary has always encrypted a message: Don't be scared. Be excited. Living in the future is fun.

We are excited to bring the future of community to everyone.


Shared by Emil Tan, Skipper & Co-Founder of Div0.

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