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Singapore's Cybersecurity Ecosystem

The cybersecurity ecosystem is certainly bigger than the supply-and-demand / end user-service providers-and-vendors market. It is also much bigger than associations and community groups like Div0 which primarily focuses on knowledge sharing amongst practitioners and providing a platform for cybersecurity enthusiasts to further develop their capacity and passion for cybersecurity.

In order for Singapore to push the envelope of its cybersecurity capabilities, and be part of the cutting-edge conversation of the field, it needs a comprehensive and vibrant network of experts and establishments promoting research and innovation supported by the public and private sectors, and the academia.

A no. of heavyweight contributors — Karen Teh, Vivy Suhendra, Lim Soon Chia and Abhik Roychoudhury — authored an article with ACM featuring the vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem of Singapore:


Shared by Emil Tan, Skipper & Co-Founder of Div0.

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