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What Facebook Knows About You?

These are the data/information you provide to Facebook:
  1. Name

  2. City of birth

  3. City of residence

  4. Phone

  5. Email

  6. Current employment

  7. Previous employment

  8. Relationship

  9. Anniversary

  10. Previous relationships

  11. Previous names (aliases)

  12. Screen names

  13. Address book

  14. Family members

  15. Birthday

  16. Religious views

  17. Address

  18. Website

  19. Email address(s)

  20. Sexual preference

  21. Gender

  22. Languages spoken

  23. Political views

  24. Friends

  25. Books you’ve read

  26. Videos you’ve watched

  27. Comments you’ve liked

  28. Websites you’ve visited

  29. Articles and websites you’ve commented on

  30. Surveys you’ve filled out

  31. Companies you like

  32. People you’ve been tagged with

  33. People you frequently hang out with

  34. Friends you’ve requested

  35. Friends you denied

  36. Friends you’ve un-friended

  37. How often you are online

  38. Apps you Admin/created

  39. Pages you admin/created

  40. Your current mood

  41. Devices you’ve accessed the Internet from

  42. Exact Geo-location (longitude, altitude, latitude, time/date stamp)

  43. TV, Film, Concert you are currently watching

  44. Bands you like

  45. Movies you’ve seen

  46. TV Shows you watch

  47. Video games you play

  48. Food you eat

  49. Your Favorite Athletes

  50. Restaurants you’ve eaten at

  51. Activities you participate in

  52. Websites you visit

  53. Sports teams you support

  54. Your Favorite Sports

  55. Inspirational people

  56. Favourite Clothing brands

  57. Places you’ve visited

  58. Events you’ve attended

  59. Events you plan on attending

  60. Events your friends are attending

  61. Major life events (location, dates, who with)

  62. Photos

  63. Pokes

  64. Wall posts

  65. Private (haha yeah right) messages

  66. Groups you’ve joined

  67. Networks you are a part of

  68. Book or publication you are currently reading

  69. Audio you are currently listening too

  70. Drink you are currently drinking

  71. Food you are currently eating

  72. Activities you participate in

  73. Advertising you interact with

  74. Profiles you interact with most

  75. Locations you access Facebook

  76. Locations you access web properties connected to Facebook

  77. Level of online engagement

  78. When you changed jobs

  79. How long you stayed in a job

  80. Credit card details

  81. IP Address

  82. Apps you’ve downloaded

  83. Games you’ve played

  84. Pages/Businesses you’ve un-liked (when)

You can sort through all this information through Graph Search.

How you can find out (almost) everything Facebook has on you?

  1. Go to your General Account Settings.

  2. Click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click on "Download Archive," and you will receive an email containing a link to a ZIP file of your Facebook data.

  4. Open up "index.html" and have a look through.

If you're not paying for a product, you probably are the product.

Source: What does Facebook know about you – An analysis, Daylan Pearce. Jul 08, 2013.


Shared by Emil Tan, Skipper & Co-Founder, Div0.

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