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EXPO2020 Dubai "Cyber Protective Shield"

The Division Zero (Div0) community is invited by the UAE Cyber Security Council to take part in the upcoming global cyber exercise EXPO2020 Dubai "Cyber Protective Shield".

"Cyber Protective Shield" is divided into 2 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Capture the Flag (CTF) exercise — participating teams will go through a 7-stage challenge with increasing difficulty.

  2. Phase 2: Real Cyber-Attack Simulation through a cyber range. Teams are encouraged to work through the pillars of cybersecurity to protect and secure their infrastructure.

This virtual exercise will start on 14 March 2022, 3pm (GMT+4, UAE time) i.e. 7pm (GMT+8, SGT). Participating teams will commence with the exercise, upon conclusion of the 1st phase, the 2nd phase will begin.

Participation trophies and certifications will be awarded to all participating teams, whilst teams that successfully complete both stages of the exercise will receive a fully covered invitation to one of the major ICT conferences in the UAE to take place later in 2022.

To register, please visit

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