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Secur'IT Cup 2022 APAC Regional Competition

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Today, people are surrounded by digital gadgets, and have more access to digital opportunities. Although our lives have become easier, more interesting, and fun, we must bear in mind that with the increasing amount of technology, coupled with more volumes of data, and ways of their usage, the number of security breaches is growing.

Rise to the challenges of a rapidly changing world by tackling security issues posed by new technologies.

Come solve cybersecurity issues in the following areas:

1. Router Security

Save the "brain" of the Internet of Things (IoT) from becoming a victim of cybercriminals. The security of IoT remains one of the most pressing issues in the field of cybersecurity. Without proper security measures, the router can easily become a victim of cybercriminals. The router is the “brain” of the IoT, which manages entire networks of devices for large industrial plants and even at home. If the router is infected with malware, all devices connected to the Internet will become vulnerable: phones, smart watches or corporate control networks of entire production systems. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more attention has been paid to router security issues. Employees of many companies began to work remotely, as a result, hackers began to be interested in home routers as a way to get into closed local corporate networks. Offer your router security solution!

2. Mobile Security

Help people to be more private and protected from cybercrimes. Over the past decade, mobile phones and smartwatches have become an essential part of our flexible and mobile lifestyle. We use mobile devices all the time in any part of life: we text friends on socials, order food delivery to home using apps, join work meetings, store bank cards, make family photos, and access other private data on our phones. Such a large amount of data and lower security, compared to a computer, attract more and more cybercriminals. Data leaks make us vulnerable, and there is a need to protect our privacy, personal data, and confidential documents. Your mobile and smart-watches security project can help people worldwide to be more protected and private from attacks and cybercrime.

3. Family Care — Elderly Care, Pet Care, or Finance for Family

Elderly Care — Help take care of and protect older persons. The functionality can be related to Internet security, health tracker and any other relevant issues for the elderly. Pet Care — Can be related to both domestic and homeless pets, related to their safety, health care and other relevant aspects. Finance — Projects on financial planning, cost tracker or any other aspects related to controlling finances for the whole family or some family members.

4. Chess Anti-Cheating

Develop new ways to help to detect when the opponent uses chess engines. Chess engines have allowed us to conduct strong cyber tournaments between computers because their skills are stronger than a person's. But it also has an impact on online chess tournaments between grandmasters. This means that there are opportunities to cheat using the prompts of computers and smartphones. The popular opinion is this is a serious problem only for chess tournaments. But this is also an issue for online chess games in general. There are some tips for players to determine the cheater, but they do not give an accurate result. The question arises — how to detect when the opponent is playing fair against you and when he uses the chess engine? Offer your chess cheating solution for online games.


  • 05 Nov 2022, 1pm (GMT+8): Competition Briefing

  • 09 Nov 2022, end-of-day: Register your team

  • 11-12 Nov 2022: Secur'IT Cup 2022 APAC Hackathon

    • Develop your project, and sharpen your project idea with our mentors

  • 13 Nov 2022, end-of-day: Submit Your Project

  • 18 Nov 2022: Announcement of Secur'IT Cup 2022 APAC Winner

  • 20 Nov 2022: Submit Your Project to Secur'IT Cup 2022 Grand Final

  • 14 Dec 2022: Secur'IT Cup 2022 Grand Final


Secur'IT Cup will be conducted virtually online.

APAC Regional Prizes

  • Top Project: $1,000 USD

Grand Final Prizes

  • 1st Prize: $10,000 USD

  • 2nd Prize: Professional certification of choice (CISSP, CISA, CISM, etc.)

  • 3rd Prize: Professional course of choice one of the global MOOC-platforms

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