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Div0 Women In Cybersecurity (WICS) Programme (Relaunched)

Updated: May 17, 2020

Following our Div0 Women In Cybersecurity (WICS) Kick-Off Roundtable with our women/female members, held 6 May 2020 — Div0 WICS is officially relaunched today!

For more information, visit

Relaunched? What's before?

In 2018, we realised that women/female attendance is low at our monthly meetup. After interviewing a couple of our women/female members, we found out that the lack of women/female attendees and being shy in nature were the root causes.

So how do we solve the problem of low no. of women/female attendees because we have low no. of women/female attendees? In Apr 2019, we organised a women-only meetup, in partnership with Lazada, to introduce the concept of cybersecurity meetups to our women/female followers — featuring topics including cyber threat intelligence and automotive cybersecurity, and a panel discussion on being in a tech role as a woman in cybersecurity.

We saw an improvement with our women/female attendees ratio after the meetup, and we have been an active contributor to the women in cybersecurity ecosystem since.

However, lately, we realised that there are some gaps in the women in cybersecurity ecosystem which plays to Div0's strength — i.e. to develop the tech talent/capacity of our women in cybersecurity.

Introducing Div0 WICS (v2.0)

Following Div0's "for the community, by the community" mantra, we organised a kick-off roundtable with our women/female members to co-develop the Div0 WICS (v2.0) programme.

To develop a sustainable women cybersecurity talent pipeline through learning, training, community engagement and support, we will be organising:

  • Regular monthly hangouts to share cybersecurity learnings and experiences;

  • Workshops for Div0 WICS to pick-up new skills or knowledge to develop their expertise and career;

  • Collaborative workspace for Div0 WICS to explore, learn, make and share anything cybersecurity e.g. study groups, CTFs, etc.;

  • Mentorship sessions for Div0 WICS to lend support and guidance to each other; and

  • Sustainable Development Forum to discuss developing a sustainable women talent development environment in the cybersecurity industry and community.

Join the Div0 WICS Community

If you want to be involved in any of the abovementioned activities, drop us your contact [here].

Our Div0 Digital Kampung also features a private Div0 WICS Digital Kampung. Drop Alina Tan a text on the Digital Kampung platform if you want to be part of it.

Join Div0 WICS Inaugural Event

30-31 May 2020, our Div0 member Monika Talekar will be conducting Div0 WICS's 1st weekend tech sharing + hands-on CTF challenge on PHP Type Juggling Vulnerability.

Get access to the event by joining the Div0 WICS Community through either of the methods mentioned above.

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