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Fun with SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2019

Updated: May 24, 2020

Our Feb 2020 monthly meetup was cancelled due to the developing COVID-19 situation. But we'll never let a good sharing go to waste. Our Feb 2020 monthly meetup speaker — Law Che Lin — shared the fun he had with SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2019 last Dec at our newly founded Div0 Digital Meetup.

Che Lin picked 5 challenges he found particularly interesting and walkthrough his challenge-solving process.

The 5 challenges Che Lin walked the Div0 crowd through were:

  1. Challenge 2: Unredact Threatening Document

  2. Challenge 4: Windows Log Analysis: Determine Attacker Technique

  3. Challenge 7: Get Access To The Steam Tunnels

  4. Challenge 9: Retrieve Scraps of Paper from Server

  5. Challenge 10: Recover Cleartext Document

You can download a copy of Che Lin's presentation slides [here].

There were countless moments many of us went "how did he think about that to solve the challenge!?". Che Lin reminded the Div0 crowd that the actual challenge-solving process was, and never will be, linear as his polished walkthrough.

Cybersecurity is a challenging field, and resilience is an important trait cybersecurity practitioners must possess to succeed.


A big shout-out to our co-host ICE71 for hosting our Digital Meetup.


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