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Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC) 2021 Online

Updated: Jan 30

The global COVID-19 situation has forced the world into an unusual state — with travel restrictions, social distancing, etc. However, it is still business-as-usual in the cyberspace — with more sophisticated cyber threats being introduced every other day, and the increased no. of cyber breaches and incidents.

The importance of cybersecurity has grown with the insurgence of digitalisation of every aspect of our lives — the way to live, work, learn, and play. The GCC Committee unanimously acknowledged that we cannot take a pause of our yearly endeavour in grooming the world's next-generation cybersecurity talent.

GCC 2021 will be held Online — over the weekends from 16 Jan—7 Feb 2021, 9am-6pm (SGT, GMT+8) each day.

GCC students will go through an intensive cybersecurity training programme spread across 3 weekends to acquire deep technical skills across a wide breadth of cybersecurity domains, whilst forming lifelong friendships with fellow international GCC students.


16 Jan (Sat)

23 Jan (Sat)

24 Jan (Sun)

30 Jan (Sat)

31 Jan (Sun)

06-07 Feb (Sat-Sun)

  • Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition

About GCC

For more information: https://www.div0.sg/gcc

Think You're the Next-Generation Cybersecurity Talent?

Apply Now: [Application closed]

Official GCC 2021 Online Webpage: https://gcc.ac/gcc_2021/

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