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Investing in Cybersecurity Startups

Our close community/ecosystem partner ICE71 (https://ice71.sg/) hosted an insightful webcast session with Michael Blakey in the afternoon on Investing in Cybersecurity Startups (https://ice71.sg/events/event/live-webcast-investing-in-cybersecurity-startups/).

Michael shared many valuable insights regarding the cybersecurity investment and startup scene. If you are an investor, venture capitalist, cybersecurity startup, or cybersecurity enthusiast wanting to learn more about what makes a cybersecurity startup successful, you should not be missing this webcast session.

Even if you have (missed it), 'friaid not — the session was recorded: https://www.facebook.com/iceseventyone/videos/251587059299865/

Don't miss out on future sessions.

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