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Div0 WICS — Offensive Security 101 Workshop

Div0 WICS will be co-organising and co-hosting an Offensive Security 101 workshop with the Women In Cybersecurity Community Association (WICCA) on the last weekend of Aug 2020.


29 & 30 Aug 2020 (Sat & Sun): 3-7pm (SGT, GMT+8) i.e. 9am-1pm (GMT+2)


The goal of the workshop is to introduce security-enthusiastic women to ethical hacking and penetration testing.

The workshop will cover the basics of hacking, including an introduction to infrastructure and web applications, offensive security tools, and common vulnerabilities e.g. the OWASP Top 10.

The workshop will include plenty of hands-on exercises for attendees to get first-hand experiences with how hackers commonly break into things.

Target audience

  • Anyone who is interested to learn how to get started in penetration testing

  • Beginners, with some understanding of web application and code

Key learning objectives

  • Understanding of web applications and organisations networks

  • Overview of common weaknesses and how they can be exploited

  • Understanding how to defend against these vulnerabilities

Topics Covered

  • Basic infrastructure and web application introduction

  • Web application hacking

  • Offensive Security tooling

  • Privilege escalation and lateral movement

  • Kernel exploits

  • Binary exploitation 101

  • Hands-on exercises

What attendees need

  • Kali Linux (or enough hacking tools)


VALENTINE MAIRET joined the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team in May 2020 as an operational intelligence analyst. With experience in both red and blue teaming, she uses her acquired skills to analyse and evaluate threat intelligence and build graphical representations that change the way we approach problems. After working hours, Valentine is a fiction writer and a self-proclaimed Sci-Fi nerd.

ANNELOES GEERTS is a criminologist with a passion for ethical hacking. She has over 5 years experience in IT security and performed multiple security tests on web-applications, mobile apps, software and hardware. In her spare time, she loves playing CTF events. Since 2018 she is a facilitator of multiple hacking courses and would like to help and learn together with security-enthusiastic women!




About Div0 Women In Cybersecurity(WICS)

Div0 WICS aims to develop a sustainable women cybersecurity talent pipeline through learning, training, community engagement and support.

About Women In Cybersecurity Community Association (WICCA)

WICCA is a circle of women in cybersecurity based out in the Netherlands with a vision to spread the infosec word to everyone.

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